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The course is open to the public. We encourage those outside of membership to come golf with us. Non-member play must happen after 11:00 am unless golfing with a RWGC member.

Green Fee Rates
w/ Member:

  • $45 for 18 holes
  • $30 for 9 holes

Green Fee Rates

  • $55 for 18 holes
  • $35 for 9 holes

Cart Rental Rates:

  • $20 / rider for 18 holes
  • $10 / rider for 9 holes

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Par 4 | Blue 418 | White 410 | Gold 401 | Red 314
This is a really good hole that favors a left to right tee shot from the elevated tee. A pond and bunker will catch shots missed to the right, miss the green to the left and a difficult up and down is in store.


Par 5 | Blue 519 | White 504 | Gold 464 | Red 464
This straightaway par 5 has out of bounds to the left but offers a wide fairway that narrows as you get closer to the green. Avoid the 2 short green-side bunkers to give yourself a chance at making par or birdie.


Par 3 | Blue 152 | White 129 | Gold 125 | Red 112
This short hole is protected by 2 green-side bunkers. Carry it on the green and you’ll have a reasonable shot at birdie.


Par 5 | Blue 541 | White 522 | Gold 487 | Red 480
A dogleg left par 5 with out of bounds guarding the left side from tee to green. If you want to cut the corner you’ll need to carry 230 yards from the White tees. Play it safe and keep the ball below the hole when hitting into this small and undulated green.


Par 4 | Blue 409 | White 394 | Gold 383 | Red 323
Stay to the left on this one. Place your tee shot on the left side of the fairway and you’ll have a good look at the green for your second shot. Keep your shot into the green to the left and you’ll have an uphill putt or chip to this green that slopes severely from right to left.


Par 4 | Blue 424 | White 410 | Gold 373 | Red 315
A pond on the left can catch the longer hitters tee shots, while a miss to the right will leave little opportunity to reach the green in regulation. Favor the left side as you approach the green which leaves an uphill putt or chip.


Par 4 | Blue 383 | White 375 | Gold 365 | Red 287
The pro’s favorite. This slight dogleg left requires a tee shot on the right side of the fairway in order to have a shot at the green. The uphill second shot to this narrow elevated green requires precision, as a miss anywhere will leave a difficult up and down. You will want to keep the ball below the hole and avoid the green-side bunker on the left to give yourself a chance at a good score.


Par 3 | Blue 162 | White 152 | Gold 139 | Red 139
This uphill Par 3 plays at least one club longer. Miss it short and the ball won’t roll on, miss it right and you’ll have a tough chip, miss it left you’ll find the sand, miss it long you’re out of bounds… don’t miss.


Par 4 | Blue 297 | White 289 | Gold 289 | Red 235
A true risk reward finishing hole. For the fearless golfers, an accurate tee shot can reach the green, but out of bounds left and two green-side bunkers will penalize a miss. For the cautious, the best play is a 200 yard tee shot, preferably one that curves right to left, leaving 100 yards or less to this tricky green and a chance to finish with a birdie.

HOLE #10

Par 4 | Blue 442 | White 425 | Gold 399 | Red 323
A difficult starting hole with out of bounds left and trees on the right offering an intimidating view for the first tee shot of the day. Hit a long straight tee shot and you have a good opportunity for par.

HOLE #11

Par 5 | Blue 483 | White 470 | Gold 449 | Red 449
Our shortest par 5 is protected by a narrow fairway; with trees lining both sides of the fairway from tee to green and a green-side bunker on the left, accuracy is essential if you want to get close to or reach this green in two shots.

HOLE #12

Par 4 | Blue 392 | White 380 | Gold 328 | Red 313
A sharp dogleg right that plays slightly downhill, a solid tee shot will allow most players to reach the green in regulation. Players will want to avoid the green-side bunker guarding the left side of the green.

HOLE #13

Par 3 | Blue 211 | White 199 | Gold 174 | Red 159
An uphill par 3 that plays one club longer, try to keep the ball below the hole as this green slopes severely from back to front. Par is a good score on this one.

HOLE #14

Par 4 | Blue 361 | White 351 | Gold 351 | Red 341
This is one of the shortest par 4’s for the men but it is the longest par 4 for the women. A narrow fairway demands an accurate tee shot and a well placed second shot if you want to make birdie.

HOLE #15

Par 4 | Blue 357 | White 345 | Gold 336 | Red 318
Placement off the tee is crucial on this hole as a pond on the left can catch an errant tee shot. A good second shot into this tricky green can yield a reasonable birdie putt.

HOLE #16

Par 3 | Blue 146 | White 132 | Gold 132 | Red 117
This short par 3 requires a tee shot that can carry the water and avoid the bunker to the right of the green to stay out of trouble. When the prevailing west wind picks up this little hole will test the best.

HOLE #17

Par 5 | Blue 542 | White 530 | Gold 495 | Red 411
Out of bounds left and a pond on the right that comes into play 220 yards from the White tees demand that you pay attention to each shot. While longer hitters can risk hitting the green in two the rest should try to keep the ball in play and avoid making a high number.

HOLE #18

Par 4 | Blue 444 | White 432 | Gold 377 | Red 318
This long par 4 is the #1 handicap hole for the men and it is a strong finish to the first nine. While there is ample space to get your tee shot in the fairway, the second shot plays uphill adding at least one club to cover the distance. Make a par and you’ve done well.

Course Rules & Regulations

  • Out of bounds are defined by white and bordering fences.
  • All water hazards are lateral water hazards and are defined by red stakes and/or lines.
  • The ladders on boundary fences and protective fences or screens are considered immovable obstructions. Additionally, relief may be taken from all cart paths and flowerbeds or other landscaped areas that are in bounds.
  • Carts must stay on paths where provided and observe the 90-degree rule. Carts must be kept at least 30 feet from all greens and tees.
  • Slower players must let faster players through if there is a hole open in front of them.
  • Repair all ball marks, rake bunkers and replace or fill divots with seed and sand.
  • Use caution when using the practice range. Do not hit past the 90-yard sign when the light is flashing or if golfers on bordering holes are within range.
  • The dress code is applicable to all areas on the golf course including, practice areas. Members are responsible for their guests’ attire and behavior.

Men: Slacks, mid length (mid thigh) tailored shorts and collared shirts are preferred.  Tank tops, mesh shirts, sweat pants, swimwear, short shorts, cutoffs, gym shorts, or other athletic shorts are not acceptable.

Women: Skirts, slacks, mid length (mid thigh) tailored shorts and collared shirts or blouses are preferred.  Strapless, spaghetti strap or tank tops, cut offs, sweat pants, swimwear, short shorts and athletic shorts are not acceptable.

Exception: Nylon warm up pants or suits are permitted.

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